Jul 30, 2011

Why I Only Charge $35 for a Swedish Massage

It's often be asked of me why my price point for a Swedish Massage is lower than idustry standards and there are several reasons. I feel compelled to answer this question and make these reasons known to all my clients because I didn't come to this price point just by fluke and I did think about and ponder this decision before setting my price. In doing so, I have gained some criticism from fellow massage therapists in the industry that somehow I am devalueing what we do by offering such a reasonably low price for a 1hr full-body Swedish Massage but I beg to differ. Firstly, I do feel that the industry has set the price point too high to be attainable for a large majority of people who really could benefit from a regular massage. Some high end hotels can charge anywhere from $100-$200and up for a basic Swedish massage, prices I myself as a therapist who knows the value of a good massage won't even pay. Now, granted, most places here in New Braunfels are more affordable but still around the price point of $50-$100. Even at this lower rate, however, many customers will only get a massage once, maybe twice a year, and usually only for a special occassion as a Wedding, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day. It's treated as a gift to themselves or by others and not how it should be; a part of their health routine. Of course, any massage even if only given 1 or 2 a year is still beneficial but to truly see results needs to be a regular part of your health routine so much as your budget will allow. By keeping my basic Swedish price well below industry standards it is my hopes that my clients will be able to receive this beneficial service more often, and not just for a "special treat!"
Secondly, by being able to work from a home-based studio I have very little overhead and therefore can pass on those savings to my clients as opposed to working in a Spa and only receiving a commission or salary.
Lastly, you'll notice that I keep saying Swedish Massage. That is because for massage service that require more skills or supplies, such as; Hot Stone Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, etc.. my prices will be a little higher but I hope to always keep the Swedish massage the same price as it the basis for all other massages.